Be a Non-Smoker Now!

For just £120, possibly less than 3 weeks cigarettes

At certain times of the year, group sessions are available, please ask

Q.  How many sessions will I need?


A.  Most people stop with just one session.  Rather than drag the work out over a couple of weeks, we prefer you to allow up to 2 hours for your session and leave AS A NON-SMOKER!


Q.  What is your success rate?


A. I have an excellent success rate.  I ask everyone to contact us after about 3 weeks to let us know how they are getting on, and keep a record.


Q.  I've tried patches and nicotine chewing gum and they didn't work - do you think hypnotherapy can help?


A.  With patches etc. the nicotine is still getting into your system.  Smoking, is a psychological addiction which is why hypnosis is so successful with this problem.  In experiments, hypnotherapy has proven more successful than drugs, nicotine chewing gum or patches, plus there are no harmful side effects.



Q.  Will I still get the cravings afterwards?


A.  There should be no cravings, the aim of hypnotherapy is to make you feel really good about being a non-smoker.  Remember, the thought of a cigarette is not the same as a craving.


Q.  I went to someone once before and it didn't work.


A.  Did you go back to them?  There could be a number of reasons why it didn't work for you - perhaps you were nervous or didn't know what to expect?  Or maybe you really weren't ready to stop at that time.  This is why I ask my clients to contact me afterwards.



Q.  Will I be able to drive afterwards?


  1. A. You will feel perfectly normal.  The only difference that hypnosis will make is:  (a) you will feel more relaxed than usual and (b) you will feel really good about BEING A NON-SMOKER!

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Stopping Smoking

Juliet Hill MBACP GQHP